Final Notice

....and there was light.

....333,333,000,000        (+/-)*

(Existence)/(Nonexistence) Paradox

Final Notice: The Earth will fall into Null Space.

Take the test:

In the Initial Mass Displacements, Hell is assigned two (2) mass
units, and
Earth is assigned one (1) mass unit. In polarized First
, this sequence begins:
3 (+/-)* Earth/Hell

"(+/-)* > (+/-)/(-/+)" indicates an infinite polarization between the
Open System (+)
and a Closed System (-).

Closed System (-) has finite dimensions and variables with a
primary characteristic of
The Open System (+) has infinite dimensions and variables with a
primary characteristic of

Polarized First Space turns toward the Open System (+) and toward
Closed System (-) simultaneously (i.e., a paradox). Null Space is
not polarized.  Thus, with a demarcation ("/") between
First Space
and Null Space, the sequence continues:

Earth(+/-)/ Hell(-/+)                          Past
>   Earth(+/-)/ Hell(Null Space)              Present
>   Earth(Null Space)/ Hell(Null Space)  Future  


Final Notice (PDF) 4 pages
The Lost (PDF) 23 pages
California Mayor (PDF) 6 pages

Introduction (Hell)                                                        
Page 1 (Initial Mass Displacements)
Page 2 (Universal Mass and Definitions)
Page 3 (Solar System Mass Placement)
Page 4 (Galactic Mass)
Page 5 (Space Delineations)
Postscript (
Carpenter Tool
The Lost
California Mayor
Free Will

[Please Note: The Pluto/Neptune anomaly of the Titius-Bode
progression is predicted in the
Initial Mass Displacements.  Although
the total
Ceres mass includes an asteroid belt (2.8 AU), the total
Pluto mass is unique. Excluding Neptune, a variety of objects
Kuiper Belt) between 48.8 AU and 28.8 AU had a total mass of 10
Earth Masses
Eris is not a part of Kuiper Belt; Eris is from Initial Displacement of
Bmass (77.2 AU). Check Reality footnote.]

Recommended Readings:

ORTHODOXY by G. K. Chesterton
MERE CHRISTIANITY by C. S. Lewis has been translated into several languages, but
my working language is English.  If you can use English, please
send your replies in English.  Thank You.

Best Regards,

Frank Hatch

On Interstellar Travel: The mass unit value of each star system is a
variable - i.e.,
the Earth is not the unit value of every star system.

[Please Note: The subjective comfort of a formal thesis will always
lead to a Closed System of Analysis (i.e., conformity to a finite
number of dimensions and variables).  However,
discomfort (e.g.,
 being hit with a Newtonian apple) can lead to the
moment of  
Objective Uncertainty necessary for honest research.]

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