Final Notice

               California Mayor Letter on The Lost                            
                 Answered by Frank Hatch
Since both the scientific community and the religious community have become
increasingly political, I decided it was time for this website to have a
politician's letter.  In a private email, I told the Mayor that I would identify him
simply as a California Mayor. The rest of the information that I had about him,
I would delete. Protecting anonymity is a standard procedure for me. The
Mayor's comments and questions were concise enough that I didn't mind
repeating some of my answers; but I wanted to do something more than simply
quote myself. His letter has given me an opportunity to provide a summary for
this stage of my work.

Frank Hatch
30 E. 33rd Ave, #50355
Eugene, OR   97405
U. S. A.

Hello Frank,                                          October 23, 2010 (6:30PM)

I found your article quite fascinating. Many would agree with you that
we are prisoners of our limited space when trying to understand the
world around us and most especially the infinite; but how does one
differentiate between Muslims, Buddhists, etc. and Christians and
Jews? In other words, your empirical evidence seemed to be the
"Book". It only originated in space and time shortly after (or before)
theirs did and like theirs it was written by many different persons from
stories handed down by the best story tellers of the day huddled as
Nomads around their camp fire.

Indeed, I would agree with you that ours is not to "know" through
empirical methodology; it is not sufficient to provide us with the
answer. Consequently, we are left with our faith and part of that faith is
believing in our "Book". But how does one conclude that our faith with
all its artifacts trumps everybody else's faith? Does that not simply
mean we have taken another leap of faith?

(Name deleted)
(City deleted), California
(Email deleted)

Mr. Mayor,

     "You shall not wear a mingled stuff, wool and linen together."
                 Deuteronomy 22:11

As a Christian, I'm free to observe all the Old Testament Law with interest but
not with obedience. Since my righteousness has never been sufficient to cancel
my sins, I'm not dependent on my righteousness except for my sense of irony.
For my life, I can only depend on the perfect righteousness of Christ. Thus, my
obedience is reserved for Jesus Christ - not Old Testament Law.

Christ is the
Common Standard expressed by scripture from both the New and
Old testaments. This
Common Standard, however, is not a "Book" synthesis of
the New and Old testaments. The
Common Standard is the "answer" to any
scriptural inquiry of the New and Old testaments.

                  "Hear me, all of you, and understand:
there is nothing outside a man which by going into him can defile him;
but the things which come out of a man are what defile him."  
               Mark 7:14-15

No Objective observation will defile a man; but if a man mingles his Subjective
analysis with his observation, defilement will occur. A methodology of
defilement is any so-called "empirical methodology" that short-circuits the
paradox of Objective/Subjective thought; it is a politically expedient
methodology. Whether this methodology is called religious or scientific is
irrelevant. Any methodology that truncates empirical data truncates the truth.
Thus, defilement has occurred to achieve a politically expedient end (e.g.,
religious dietary rules;
politically-correct data for research grants; or
mollifying an angry mob).

"And the chief priests and scribes were seeking how to arrest him by stealth,
        and kill him; for they said,
'Not during the feast, lest there be a tumult of the people.'"
                     Mark 14:1-2

Dialectical logic is a mingling of the Subjective with the Objective. This
mingling is a source of defilement - it "comes out of a man."

"What comes out of a man is what defiles a man.
For from within, out of the heart of man, come evil thoughts,
fornication, theft, murder, adultery, coveting, wickedness, deceit,
licentiousness, envy, slander, Pride, foolishness.
All these evil things come from within, and they defile a man."
                     Mark 7:20-23  

Dialectical logic is not an Objective methodology. It is simply a Closed System
of Analysis (i.e., restricted to a finite number of dimensions and variables). In
any Closed System of Analysis,
objectivity is only a thin film on a synthesized
idea; this objective veneer is used for dignity not truth.

                          "I AM"
                      Exodus 3:14

The WORD of God is I AM. The WORD is the Common Standard of scripture,
but the WORD is not a religion, nor is the WORD a rationalization or an
abstraction of existence. The WORD (
I AM) is an individualized Existence in
direct opposition to Non-Existence (the Void). We don't have enough
information to define
I AM. The "I am" that we use and have corrupted with
dialectical logic is only a reflection or an image of the WORD (
I AM).

"So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him;
    male and female he created them."
                       Genesis 1:27

We don't have enough information to say I AM and "know" what we are
talking about. Thus, in our creation, the WORD was said for us. Indeed, the
WORD was said with such force that we have accepted the WORD without
thinking about it. Even the atheist says, "
I am an atheist." But no one thinks to
answer, "Prove it!" When the self-denying Buddhist says, "
I am a Buddhist,"
no one laughs, but God.

                "In the beginning was the WORD,
         and the WORD was with God, and the WORD was God.
           He was in the beginning with God;
    all things were made through him,
         and without him was not anything made that was made."
          John 1:1-3

The WORD is not a logical theory. The WORD is the beginning of your
empirical data:
I am hearing; I am seeing; I am walking; I am running; I am
thinking; I am measuring; I am building; I am crying; I am fighting; I am wrong;
I am right...If the occasion arises that you say, "I am Christian," expect
opposition from dialectical logic. To be a Christian is to step outside of all the
Closed Systems of analyses - all the religions, all the philosophies, all the
theories, all the slogans, all the politics. As a Christian, you will not be
considered a friend of the World.

          "If the world hates you, know that it hated me before it hated you."
                John 15:18

            "And the WORD became flesh and dwelt among us,
                    full of grace and truth..."
                John 1:14

The first time that I was called one of  the people of the "Book," I had accepted
an invitation from some Muslim neighbors to a feast. As I understood my
situation, I was to be their token Christian at the end feast of Ramadan. Since
my wife with the other women would be segregated into another room, no one
would be pestering me to be "nice."  It sounded like my kind of feast.  
I accepted; and I didn't complain about their lack of beer. I was nice.

To give my Muslim neighbors credit, they were more practical about their
niceness than me. Like you, my neighbors gave me a opportunity to delineate
my Faith and contrast it with Islam and other religions. From my experience
with the Buddhists and Cao Dai in Vietnam, the courtesy that they were
extending to me was going to lead to a discussion of common ground. Although
I was aware of the math sequence of the
Initial Mass Displacements, it would
be more than two decades before I published the sequence. Also, I've never
used the proportional postulates as a basis for my Faith or
"another leap of
My Faith has allowed me to explore the sequence of postulates as I've
explored the Old Testament Law. Faith is not just a belief; Faith is action -
Work (see
Carpenter Tool).

To begin on a common ground with my Muslim neighbors, I noted that I agreed
with them that there is only One God; and that the Messiah, Jesus, is a son of
Mary. After this agreement to One God and Mary (a Jewish maiden betrothed
to Joseph), our common ground came to an end.

I noted that since I accepted that Christ is the Son of God as well as a son of
Mary, I can only conclude that the Jews are the chosen people (see
Since the choice of Mary was not a random event, neither could the choice of
her people be a random event. With Moses, the Jews were trained in the
particular kind of God who visited them, guided them, freed them, and
disciplined them. Not surprisingly, some
stiff-necked stewards considered Jesus
to be a blasphemer for not following  some house keeping rules. Although the
Jews rightly rejected a pantheistic god in which anyone could claim to be a part
of god, the stewards were wrong to expect the authority of the LORD God to
rest with an angel or someone more impressive that a
carpenter. When a son of
Man spoke with the authority of the LORD God, the status of the human
species rose above the angels. Thus, we have been commanded by angels not
to bow down to angels. Jesus Christ, a son of Man, introduced Himself as the
Son of God: the WORD (
I AM) made flesh.

                "I AM the way, and the truth, and the life;
                   no one comes to the Father, but by me."
                 John 14:6

The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit form the Trinity paradox of the One
God. If you want to learn more of the Trinity paradox, you must ask the Father
in your prayers - alone and in secret (see
Advice). The test for any faith must
be in living that faith. Unlike the various religions and philosophies of the
World that try to minimize tension and stress, Christ will maximize tension and
stress. If you find that your faith has become insufficient for your depth, you
should consider the
adventure of becoming a Christian.

I was not invited to another feast.

Returning to your letter:
"the best story tellers of the day huddled as Nomads
around their camp fire,"
I understand why my Muslim-neighbor story isn't one
of the
"best." I left too much out. Either from consolidation, memory loss,
courtesy, or rambling, I would find myself pushed to the cold outside of the
"huddled Nomads."  The campfire insiders already appreciated the mystery of
"I AM"; and they were working on the mystery of "WE ARE" for a specific
purpose: they were waiting for
"HE IS" to join them. Fearfully, each story
teller chose their words carefully to paraphrase the insight given them by

        "The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom"
                  Psalm 111:10

The Jewish scholars must find it disconcerting to see the Apostles freely
(sloppily) quote from the Old Testament. (It could only be worse if I joined
their sacred study on why Genesis began with the second letter of the alphabet.
I'm sure my friendly smile wouldn't disarm their concern for my cigar ashes on
their parchment.) When scholars see that Christ is also free in His use of
scripture, they probably consider it evidence that He isn't the Christ. Certainly,
real Messiah would get it right. But He does get it right, because He isn't
quoting scripture. He is paraphrasing with parables the original insight given to
"the best story tellers."  The Messiah knows what God-given images are; and
He knows how to use them.

Returning to your letter again:
"your empirical evidence seems to be the

No.  Unless I had "empirical evidence" that the Bible (the Book?) approached
the Truth, I wouldn't quote it; I wouldn't use it. Unlike the Koran, the Bible is
not a polished idea. The Koran is an Absolute Idea designed to please the eye.
The Bible is
un-hewn stones designed to open the eye.

The Koran is used for chanting and memorization:

     "...their fear of me is a commandment of men learned by rote..."
                      Isaiah 29:13

The Bible is used for instruction:

      "All scripture is inspired by God..."
                      2 Timothy 3:16

Unless you had "empirical evidence" instead of some so-called "empirical
I can't imagine how you could claim to "know" anything. When
Christians tell you to
"know" the LORD, they are not being poetic. They are
telling you to
use your ears to hear, and your eyes to see.

                    "God is Love"
                       1 John 4:8

Unless He can communicate that Love, how can we "know" Him?

The Fear is ours, not His.

The only honest approach to the eternal LORD God is with Fear. However, the
human species are successful predators, because they are able to manage their
fears. With the use of dialectical logic in any finite fear, humans can quickly
determine the up-side and down-side of their situation: to fight or to run (i.e., to
find the right tool to fight later).

When faced with the
infinite Fear of the eternal LORD God, the humans will
try to make the Fear
finite and, therefore, manageable. A golden calf or golden
ideas are always more manageable than the golden rule from the eternally
jealous God.

       "This people honors me with their lips,
       but their heart is far from me;
        in vain do they worship me,
         teaching as doctrines the precepts of men."
              Matthew 15:8-9 (Isaiah 29:13-14)

If you try to short-circuit your infinite Fear with a rationalization of the human
situation, then you will have closed your only approach to the eternal God.
However, if you refuse to be comforted by your rationalizations; if you
continue to seek the LORD with Fear; if you accept the tension and stress of
your eternal quest - then you will find Him; and He will guide you.

Your Creator knows you. He knows your unique purpose (He made your
purpose). He knows what empirical evidence you need to function in your
purpose. He will answer your questions.

From your experience,
"God is Love" will mean something to you; and you will
irritate skeptics when you try to explain it. After you have explained the
conclusion of  
"God is Love," if your skeptics had been your friends, then you
will probably lose your friends. The
God-is-Love conclusion:

Final Notice: the human species will be exterminated.

In Jesus Christ (the New Man), you are being offered an opportunity to change
to an upgraded species.

"Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born anew,
   he cannot see the kingdom of God."
                          John 3:3

Best Regards,

Frank Hatch

Initial Mass Displacements - 4-page PDF
The Lost - 23-page PDF
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