Final Notice

                             An Introduction

                          3 (+/-)*   Earth/Hell   

> Earth(+/-)/ Hell(-/+)                              Past
> Earth(+/-)/ Hell(Null Space)                 Present
> Earth(Null Space)/ Hell(Null Space)    Future

         [Earth mass = 1; Hell mass = 2]

Final Notice:  The Earth will fall into Null Space.

               If you're going to Hell, check your reservation.
Each caste level in Hell has a specific, finite number of dimensions:
the more dimensions, the higher the caste.  This is irrelevant
information when you're in the bottom caste.  However, if you thought
you had a reservation for a higher caste, then someone lied to you.  If
you're going to Hell, this shouldn't surprise you.

The bottom caste uses a three-dimensional space with a linear time
sequence.  All humans are assigned to this caste.  This is the food

The various Powers and Principalities have been assigned to the
higher castes.  In their pride, they have tried to resolve the paradox of
Existence and Nonexistence.  Clinging to the rationalizations that
caused them to Fall, these sentient creatures have fallen from Reality
into the Void.  For them Hell was an act of mercy to stop their
continued fall into the Void.

Note: Such lost souls are eternal but isolated from Reality.  
Therefore, they can only feed on themselves and those individuals
that they can attract (or educate) into their defined space (i.e., Hell).

Since Hell doesn't want its food supply contaminated, Christians are
rejected.  With the Eucharist, Christians have become members of
the Open System (infinite number of dimensions; infinite number of
variables).  Hell is strictly a Closed System (finite number of
dimensions; finite number of variables).  
Chaos is the closest that
Hell can get to imitating an
open system.

Only Apostasy will damn a Christian (if, indeed, it was a Christian).  
FOR EXAMPLE:  Hell accepts the pedophile priests with their
dialectical excuses; they are in the same food category as the
Islamists that encourage children to commit suicide, and the
Secularists that abort children.  Since all children (Matthew 18:2-14)
are members of the Open System, all crimes against children are
crimes against God.

Note: "Judge Not" is good advice until it is twisted into Hell's
command:  "Value Not."

The only value judgement of Hell is "Don't Make value judgements."  
Since Hell is a Closed System, everything is relative to the particular
intrigue of the moment.  Power and dignity are treated as synonyms.  
Pride rules all in Hell.  Even in the food caste, the individuals take
pride in their humility and submission; they rationalize that they are
parts of an Absolute Idea or a World Soul.  While they are being
eaten, they think they are being enlightened.

Note:  Pantheism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Hegelian rationalism,
Materialism, Monism, Darwinism, Islamism, etc. All revolve around a
Closed System of an Absolute Idea that allows no real choice for the
individual.  Teachers, leaders, scholars, sages, gurus, imams, etc.
gather the food for Hell.  Thus, leading fellow humans to slaughter,
the Judas Goats teach with passion and conviction.  No
Uncertainty is allowed in Hell unless it's for sport and cruelty.
Reality footnote.)

With the Absolute Idea that they are amorphous, poorly defined
portions of a world soul
, humans are digested by other sentient
creatures.  Since the time sequence of Hell is controlled and
manipulated by the higher castes, the docile meal never ends.

Note:  Occasionally, for pride (or "sport") the higher castes reveal
what they are doing to the lower castes.  The memory of a lower caste
can be manipulated by a higher caste.

The Closed Caste System of Hell is ancient by human standards,
because it existed before the human species.  All human social and
bureaucratic classes are merely flat reflections of the intense dignity
of Hell.

Please Note: Since I regularly offend the dignity of Hell, the argument that I'm Dumb may
be irrefutable.  However, if I'm dumb, I hope that I'm dumb like an ox, so I can pull the weight
assigned to me. (Yes. I know. Us dumb people like the

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Hell footnote:

As already stated: Each caste level in Hell has a specific, finite
number of dimensions.
Thus, each caste level is a Closed System  
separated from the depth of
Reality (Open System). When observed
from the Open System (infinite), all Closed Systems (finite) look
The occupants of each of these Closed Systems would also look flat
like cartoons.

Reply to three objections to

If Hell exists, then God's Mercy can't exist.

No. Hell exists only because God's Mercy exists. When an individual
soul falls into the Void, the pain gets progressively worse in its
eternal fall. Although Hell will not stop the pain, Hell can stop the
pain from getting worse. Since each soul has
Free Will, each lost
soul can choose to stop at Hell or continue its fall into the Void.

If Hell exists, then its name would be found in the past.

No. If you restrict yourself to a linear time sequence, Hell's real name
and purpose will only be found in the future. Until you learn your own
name and purpose, you will not learn the true name and purpose of

If Hell exists, then more should have been written about it.

No. Hell exists and too much has been written about it. Hell is
insignificant in comparison to the Eternal Adventure. Since the Lord
God is the
Alpha and Omega of every eternal sequence, you should
trust God to correctly deal with the eternal sequence of Hell.